Collector's Seminars

Upcoming Weekend Seminars: Spring Dates tbd

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The experience of most new collectors of photography is the same: they are greatly attracted by what they see offered, but lack the confidence necessary to start collecting. Because we feel that knowledge breeds confidence, Alan Klotz Gallery offers this Collector’s Seminar. The weekend seminar will be divided into three topics, as listed below.

SESSION I : OVERVIEW – A survey of the variety of imagery offered by the photographic medium linked to a detailed review of each participant’s individual areas of interest, if known, the demystification of definitions of collecting jargon, as well as a discussion of a connoisseur’s list of collecting issues and how they impact value.

SESSION II : CONNOISSEURSHIP – How to recognize different photographic processes (eg. salt prints, albumen prints, platinum prints, gravures, ink jet prints); how to date photographs with black light and by eye; how to identify vintage from later prints; recognizing signatures and stamps; information on limited editions; what questions to ask before you buy; how the law protects buyers.

SESSION III: THE PHOTOGRAPHIC MARKETPLACE – Where does one go to find photographs? This session is an orientation to sources, both of information (historical texts, collector’s guides, on-line databases, catalogues, museums), and photographs (galleries, dealers, auction houses, internet opportunities, etc.) and a survey of conservation and preservation procedures for photographs, as well as a detailed discussion of safe presentation and storage of your collection.

The Seminar will use a hands-on approach to the material (ie. all sessions will use original photographs as examples). Each Seminar will be limited to ten participants. Even collectors with some experience would gain a lot from these Seminars. With over 40 years as a dealer, I have a good amount of knowledge to share with you, and I look forward to seeing you here.

If you are interested in attending one of our future Collector’s Seminars, please email us at info@klotzgallery.com.